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The Start of the Week

I want to know who made the torture device known as the word verifier for posting. Holy shit is that a pain. I mean forget it if you mess up the first time with its 6 letter. The next set is 12 letters using the LSD flashback font. I may have to choke someone with a biscotti.

I got to see OVDC today before she heads out Thursday for her honeymoon. I think it's smart to wait a few days before your honeymoon. I remember when I got married. I was so emotionally drained the next day I didn't want to do shit. It was funny talking to her as she asked questions about stuff. I remember that. There is so much going on that you can't take it all in. The funny thing was that she asked if the single women hit on me or not cause she heard that happened a lot Saturday. I told her that I was pretty much younger than all the single women. The women that were my age were there with someone.

It's been a slow start to the workweek today. The rest of the week is slowly filling up. I learned when doing my last flier that make the sale big to get people in since I have the room. So far its working. The other thing is that I totally forgot that the silent auction for Hospice care was yesterday and I gave away free stuff. So I was a bit confused when a lady walked in today with one. We had a good talk and she's scheduled for tomorrow. My first person for my weight loss program. Hopefully she won't be the last.

It's weird. It was a weekend of relationships and talking about relationships. I'm not hankering for one. I'm just wanting sex. I must have a screw loose somewhere.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't think you have a screw loose somewhere for just wanting sex, and not a relationship. Especially after what you've gone through, I don't blame you.

I think many men out there in the world feel the same way you do but don't admit it, in fear of being labeled as shallow.


No way!

Just wanting sex sans relationship is normal. Actually, it should be the preferred status. After all, relationships are hard work and they cause alot of drama and stress and headaches, just to (most likely) fail anyway.

It's normal to not want to bother with all that. Go YOU!!!!

P.S. I love your pic at the beginning of this blog. I have the same outfit (the "Sweet" one) in blue. I wore it for halloween one year and got dubbed "Little Ho Peep". GEEZ!!! And that was the "Sweet" version!!!


Sounds like even if it was a slow start of the week, you've taken some steps to heat it up with a lot of new business!

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