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Sweet Sleep

It's weird. Usually when I sleep with someone I go into a deeper sleep and have "finishing business" dreams. Dreams that I'm back at some point in my life that I made a unhealthy decision or that I was too young to do so. I relive that time in my dreams with me reacting in a more healthy way. It's weird I know.

I say this because last night even though I was alone I was in a deep slumber. I mean Lazarus level. I processed a lot through it, but I'm still not awake today. All of it I think comes from me finally letting go of the Planner. I knew when I was doing it I was jumping to the Photographer to soon and then it was just a circus ride of women. I made the decision then even knowing I was buying a ticket for these fun house rides which I'll end up going from woman to woman.
On other notes I finally got my prize from Singlemommyhood.com. Yes I know it's for single mom's, but I enjoy reading it and I've always enjoyed women more then men. Anyway it's Sweet Seductions. Woohoo! Now I just need to find someone to try these out with.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

That's interesting. When I am sleeping with someone, I am a light sleeper. When I am alone, I am deeper sleeper.

I'm glad you finally let go of the Planner. You'll be more receptive of other women.


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Hi Mike,
Hmmmm ... maybe these dreams are telling you something, that you have a chance for closure now!


Its always interesting when you have these very vivid dreams.

When I sleep with someone I usually sleep very lightly...esp in the beginning of the relationship.

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