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I went to a Seniors Task force meeting this morning. It was enjoyable, although I don't know if I want to join or not. I know that's only $10 year, but the real thing is do I want to put the energy into it. If I start something I like to work it, but I saw everyone in the room. I already knew the people I need to know in the room. Everyone else would be a luck of the draw if it panned out for me. The truly interesting thing was that this month's meeting was at the Memory center. It's an Alzheimer's and Dementia place for the rich. The living arrangements were very nice and they have a town square in the middle of the facility which is like an old town with old movie posters and other things of a bygone era. They are also the only facility with a liquor license so residents can get alcohol if there doctor approves. I was impressed. Someone asked the price and it $8000 a month. Holy shit!!! No wonder it's so nice. I just don't know who's going to be able to afford it for any length of time.

The weather has been great here, yet Lawn boy's company seems to have less business. It's very strange since he's still at home when I leave. As many of you know I don't get up early so that's saying a lot. Hey it's the Landlord's problem.

Hopefully the nice weather will hold and I can hike with L tonight. I already worked out at the gym today so I won't have to worry about it tomorrow when I know I'm going to be dead from the beach walking.

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I don't know if your area is comparable, but a "nice" nursing home, without liquor lol, like the one my Dad was in is over 8 grand a month, so, hey, if you get a Manhattan or a Jack & Coke with dinner too, good deal. I had to sneak Dad's liquor in; they were strictly sparkling cider for most holidays, and O'Douls for picnics & BBQ. But their food & amenities were great otherwise.

For lawn care, that is very odd. Maybe he isn't a full-time worker. ~Mary

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