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Sane Friends


I think I need to plan my week out better. While I enjoy hiking with L, beach hiking is rough on the body especially my legs. I was planning on going to the gym this morning like usual, but when I awoke I knew that it would be a waste. I'm just too sore to get a good work out. I was happy to fully shift L into a friend last night in my mind. It took some work. Like usual, every time I become reactive I have problems. While I didn't want to date her again, I was waiting for some kind of conformation which way she was going. What I always have to remember it doesn't matter what she wants. I have to be firm with what I want.

Yesterday was another day of walking into doctor's offices and introducing myself and getting people on board for our neighborhood business group. My skills are increasing and it went better than the day before.

I'm excited to see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow. The weird thing is that many women in the singles group have RSVP'd no. I expect that. Most said they were already busy or it wasn't there kind of movie. However no guys have RSVP'd. It's really weird. I have no idea what's up with that. I'll ask around tonight at our monthly Happy Hour.

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Have a fun weekend and enjoy the movie.


Another thought, some people have a negative stigma associated with Star Trek fans. Could be a turn off for some who see it as geeky.


I was never a Star Trek fan.

Maybe none of the guys RSVPed because they knew the chicks weren't into it and didn't want to sit with other dudes. Who knows ?


It's a turn-off to come across as geeky? Who'd have known? :) I'm not a "Star Trek" fanatic, but I like them, even if I like Star Wars more (which I know, I know, one should chose WHICH to like and stick to it). Shrug. I tend to not like some of those pathetic "bride wars" type movies, anyway. I'll take geek over pathetic, most any day.
Walks on the beach are supposed to be some of thee best walking workouts. They're also pretty great, IMHO. I'm glad you don't feel conflicted about what you want out of L.

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