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Sane Friends

Foot Prints in the Sand

Well the weather held out for L and me on our weekly hike. The clouds scarred most people away so the beach was wide open for us to walk on. Plus the tide had packed the sand down nice and hard which is a pleasure to walk on. We did get to watch a woman's dog try to get a sand crab. It was determined, but it seemed to know what would happen if his nose got too close to those claws. It was very funny to watch.

L is such a NSA woman. Now being on the other side of dating with her I see that. Especially when she talks about the men she sees. She doesn't want flowers or talking after sex. So I see where we parted years ago. I don't know why she still stays on Match. I would think there would be better places for her. As usual I find it interesting when she starts asking me my future plans of living, relationships, etc.

I was telling my friend Paul today that I can't believe I'm going to be writing to my ex tomorrow and sharing some of my struggles financially since it will affect me seeing Eric over the next few months until I finish paying my Mom's bill off. This the woman that would rake me over the coals with my sharing even though she wanted me to. So it's going to be strange. However she's been different for months now. My hope that this will go over well and will help us work together for Eric. She doesn't share with me much of what goes on there end. I usually hear that second hand from Eric. I guess this will be the litmus test to see how much of this "new" her is real.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

|I just love the title of your Blog! it's the 'right thing for the right time' as we sink deeper into Obama's [and the devil's] dug heap.. lol. I have really got a great mindset/ feeling from reading a few books a friend of mine dumped into my lap! Filling your MIND with the 'right stuff' is KEY in these last days of the 'end times' slippery slope.
Email me sometime and let us compare notes.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Jesus is Lord.


Hi Mike,
If your ex doesn't understand what you're going through trying to pay off your mother's bills, then it's a good thing she's your ex.

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