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Sane Friends

Mmmmm BBQ

Well I'm trying to get my dream team going at work. What that would be is people/businesses that would refer to me. When looking over my book of everyone I know I didn't really have anyone which is usually my problem. So I had to dig around today. I found two midwives in the area that want to work together and will meet with the Monday. I need to rev up new patients coming in to get to higher levels with the office. In other words have a paycheck which would be awesome. I'm soooo tired of struggling.

I watched Shrek last night again. I always forget how much I like that movie. It was sort of Eric's first movie. He was 5 months old for Phantom Menace. This at least was something he could enjoy. I remember he really liked the Jimmy Neutron trailer. There were so many of them that he was ready to go by the time the movie started. We never made it that far into the movie. Anyway one of the reasons I forget about this movie is I still have it on VHS. Boy I shouldn't have said that to my friends. They were all over me to go DVD. I had to explain it so many times that I have many DVD's. I just didn't re-buy the stuff I had on VHS. Still have no reason to waste the money until it breaks.

Tomorrow is BBQ day. After work I have the BNI BBQ at Mt. Trashmore. I sold tickets for the event. They just gave me bracelets to give everyone I sold tickets to. Crap, what a pain. Now I have to haul ass after my last patient so people can get into the festivities. It should be fun and hey all you can eat hamburgers and hot dogs. Woohoo! Afterwards I'm off to Server guy's place for another BBQ. He's doing something more up scaled which will be a nice change.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Is there really a place called Mt. Trashmore? Sounds like an unfortunate place for a BBQ!

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