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So I'm working on my pessimism today. What was funny was that I felt very pessimistic after I got the results of my tests yesterday. Anyway I started with saying how it was going to be a good day. Boy that was a wet bag of cement to lift. The tapestry of my subconscious quickly unraveled as I realized how before everything I have a negative thought. Whether the phone may ring, interaction with person, the mail arrives, etc. I have this feeling something bad is going to happen and it will have been my fault. So low self-esteem strikes again. I'm use to tackling this problem after it happens, but now I'm working on getting at it at the source so I start looking forward to things. I may enjoy everything, but it's such a waste of energy to go completely negative and then climb back up to being positive.

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Hi Mike,
I guess it's all relative. A colleague of mine told me this week how impressed he was that I'm "always so optimistic." In reality, I've always thought of myself, like you, as a bit pessimistic ... but, like you, I generally pull myself out of it. To me, it's less about optimism vs. pessimism and more about scenario planning. If you imagine the worst case scenario well enough in advance, in many cases you can take steps to prevent it from happening ...


Funny, I always find you to be so positive on your blog and FB, and I think we all go through the negative talk in our heads every now and then. Usually when this happens to me it's because I'm not dealing with issues that needed to be addressed (maybe even) years ago.

I'm wondering why it's not working with L. (I read your last few posts.) I'd like to know how someone who's spriritually right with you is not nurturing.


Every time I say it's going to be a great day, my day ends up sucking nuts. So don't feel bad, it happens to me too, lol.

I often tend to have the feeling that something bad is going to happen, as well. Usually happens for a couple of reasons:

1.) Intuition is speaking, and I should listen.

2.) Something bad did, happen and I am scared that it will happen again.


I think sometimes we buy into these labels too much. You don't have to be pessimistic just because the test says you are.

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