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Feel the Wrath of My Fuzzy Slipper

Carey over at List of the Day said it all. "I must be getting old." He was referring to Maxim's 100 hottest women. I relate it to most media. Who the hell are these people? At times I can't believe how out of touch I am with who and what's popular. I guess not watching TV and only listening to the classic rock station will do that to you. I did take a gander at the list and knew very few. I was happy to know about 50% of the top 10. Also I know when I read WWTDD I'm again at a loss a lot of the time of who these people are. I fear that soon I'll be complaining about young people swearing and wondering where my social security check is.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Funny, that is how it is when you are out of the main stream. Believe me we are not missing much! Enjoy your life, don't live life through the famous for a moment people!


I've been curled up in bed most of the day and I sent my hubby to get me snacks. He came back with snacks and two gossip mags for entertainment. As I looked through them I realized I had no idea who half the people were. No inkling of their name or face.
Seriously? Does this mean we are old?? Shit, I didn't think my day could get any worse.......


I know who Bar Rafaeli is!!! http://dadshouseblog.com/2009/02/12/micro-bikinis-body-paint-si-swimsuit/


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