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I tell you it's funny, just like dating sites, members sometimes use pictures that are probably from the 80's. So when they show up to an event they say who they are and I'm like "who". At least try to stay in the same decade so you look kind of the same. This happened at Friday's Happy hour. I'm the face of the group and everyone just looks for me. I look like my picture. This woman introduced her and I went through my mental inventory of faces and came up blank. Then she said her name and my brain came up with "can't compute" since a lot of time had passed since her picture and reality.
Yesterday it was off to see the new Star Trek movie. It was good, not great. The biggest problem I had with the movie was there was no camaraderie between characters. They were all just a bunch of individuals doing there shtick. While that worked 40 years ago the new writers were trying to scrub all the old stuff clean to start afresh. I think the scrubbed to much.

Today Lawn boy moves in with us. More to follow.

I've been finding myself biting my tongue not to ask women out. Since money is really tight and I'm focused on business and Eric visiting this summer, dating has been moved to a lower priority in my intelligent mind. However everything else is going through dating withdrawal. In a way I know it's good for me. At the moment dating isn't optional and I want it to be when I'm in dating mode. I make less mistakes and get a better class of woman.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hmmm, to me, I would have thought that dating is always optional, however, there are times I feel best with not having that option available. Of course you know that, currently, I'm happily involved in a relationship. We even went to see Star Trek w/ his two grandsons -- the oldest one at 8 years old said that should have been rated R. LOL. The PG-13 rating is likely accurate, and taking a 6 and 8 year old inappropriate. Oh, well. I think there wasn't the camaderie there yet in the movie as the characters were just learning who each other were. (Besides, who can afford movies these days, yikes, so that was the side benefit of going with them even if those three were who I wished to see it with.) There could have been a lot less attitude from the one character and still come across just fine, a little less sex-appeal aspects for the women (come on, they all have short skirts as their uniform? Only one shows any intelligence yet her main role is really as the romantic interest?!). Overall, I enjoyed it:) Even if I did have to explain some things to the boy sitting closest to me (like planets imploding, not the green woman's romping).

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