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Talk to the Back of the Hand

Talking with Server guy last night about relationships had me thinking about the Planner this morning when I awoke. I realized I'm still looking to give my heart to someone. While I know that in itself isn't a bad thing I think I try to move things a long to fast. I want to get to that safe point. It wasn't safe growing up so I'm still looking for it.

I tell you I want to give the back of my hand to the person who said life would be easy. I don't know who told it to me when I was young, but I know I believe it in some sense. So someone had to tell me and that person deserves an ass kicking. I'll start interviewing people tomorrow to find out who it was.

It's a quite day here today. I did my usual get up, read the paper, have a cup of tea, and then go back to bed. So I feel nice and rested today for the week. So today has been a day of errands and now I'm at Starbucks getting all my pregnancy stuff done for the office. Since I don't use my extra room much for massage I'm going to add some stuff so new mom's can breast feed in there or change there baby. It won't be so hard so why not. It'll be a nice addition to the office.

Lastly, in this economy I can't believe how restaurants react when I walk in and want to schedule a happy hour for 20 people. I would think they would be getting me a blow job in the back room. It's a lot of people that will be spending money. It's earlier in the evening before the bigger crowds come in. Like my coach always say, "I don't know how businesses stay in business."

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm like you..looking for someone to give my heart to and it sure as hell isn't easy!

We jsut added a "Mommy Room" here at the office because we have 3 new mom's now. Very postive addition.


Why wouldn't a restaurant cater to someone who's willing to bring in business?? I don't get it either.

I hope you find the right person to give your heart to and that you have a passionate and lasting relationship!!

I know plenty of women in Miami who'd consider you a great catch...but they're in Miami! :(


Oh! What's wrong with that restaurant?!

Typically, with that many people, they go ahead and include a 20% tip to the bill. C'mon... sounds like a goldmine to me!


LOL...I hope you find that person that told you life would be easy. It sure isn't. But that's life. I think the trick is trying to stay positive and keep moving to bigger and better things.

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