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Hmmm, let me think how should I state this.... should I relate how it played out or should I just get to the point? I'll go for the latter. Phili is gone. Shocked huh? Yeah I was. When I got home tonight I asked the Landlord if he had heard if had heard from her. So he pulled out two letters. Friday she had called and told the Landlord that she was going to McLean and wouldn't be back till Monday. She had called me and that same night asking if she left her hair dryer plugged in and asked a few questions about dinner. Anyway the first envelope had her key and was postmarked in Charolettesville on Friday which is no where near McLean. Oh yeah there was no note. However the second letter which was post marked Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday said that she wouldn't be back, that she would send the money owed, and that everything was okay. Yeah right, lol. The weird thing is that she left stuff here. While not much, she didn't have much to begin with.

So the Landlord is thinking of going only guys in the house again. However before that he's thinking of going to visit his family again. So that would give me the place to myself for a few weeks.

Well for me at least one problem has been solved.

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Wow, I don't know what to say. That sounds so strange.

Your landlord is right to only rent to men, given the choice of women that have lived in his house.

At least she mailed the key. But he shouldn't count on getting paid the balance she owes.

Didn't he collect a deposit when these girls moved in ?


Well he's hoping to get it. He'll collect all of it or break it up over the first 3 months. I'm not quite sure what he did with her.

He thought with Phili since she was in her late 30's that it would be better. Guess not.


Hi Mike,
Very suspicious ... that she would just disappear like that so quickly makes me wonder what was going on.

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