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Sane Friends

Memorial Day

I tell you I can just sleep. I've slept really late the last 2 mornings something I haven't done in a while and it felt good. Too many early meetings lately have left me wanting more. It's funny I may still get my 8 hours, but when I get up earlier than my normal time it leaves me tired. My body is just set for a certain time.

Last night the singles and I met for the Funny Bone comedy club. It was a nice group since most people had never been there and their were many newbies to the group. I have to admit that we had to military women in attendance. No offense to any military woman, but usually not the most feminine looking. However these two were extremely attractive. The comics were great and it's always funny when they get people from the audience that are hilarious. The last comic Steven Burn grabbed 5 guys from the audience to make a boy band named Sausage Factory. 4 of the guys were good, but one guy nicknamed Prison Fuck Toy was soo funny. I thought the comedian was going to fall off the stage from laughing.

With the weather mixed I decided to pick a cheap movie for today. So we're off to see Paul Blart, Mall Cop.

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