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A Year Later

Okay I know you women out there think you have the monopoly on this, but I'm sad to say you don't. In 3 days it'll be a year since I met the Planner. I have to admit I'm sad. While I know now that we weren't a perfect match and the problems we had. I'm not looking to be back together with her. However besides my ex wife the Planner holds the spot of longest relationship. I know at a measly 4 months it's not much compared to 16 years, but no one has really taken that spot in my heart in the last year. So while I miss her I also miss being in a relationship with someone. I have to admit over the last month I've stopped turning my head when I see a car like hers in the area even though she lives no where around here. So I'm surprised that I still have this sadness all this time later.

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I'd like to think I understand. Sometimes, certain people enter our hearts and although things don't work out, there's always this big hole where they once occupied. Other people come in and other people go out, but a select few never quite leave.........
I'd like to say it gets better with time, but so far, thats never happened for me~


I think you are moving on and acknowledging your feelings. That is a healthy sign.

I briefly dated a man 3 years ago, for about less than a month. It took me one year to get over him. My head would immediately turn if I saw a car like his or if someone had the same name as him. I just couldn't get him out of my head.

Maybe your sadness has nothing to do with Planner, and more to do with the fact that no one has been able to capture your heart since then.

That's why I feel sad sometimes.


Some people will just always hold a special spot, and the reasons for that don't necessarily matter.

Ah, 1 year ago I'd been dating E officially for over 2 months and that felt like a long time even if we've grown so much more since then.

In time, again, Mike:) You've grown in this time, too, and I think even you can recognize that.

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