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I see with the economy in the toilet everyone is trying to hook up or appear like they've hooked up. I found this over on List of the Day and I had to admit it was an interesting idea. It's the Imaginary Girlfriend. Women get paid to be an imaginary girlfriend. At the end of the paid period you two love birds break up. Now I'm really surprised they don't have this for women who get a lot more flack then guys on this. I did see an ad yesterday for guys for escorts for women and I see you ladies like your guys young cause I was way out of the age limit. I guess people's priorities are still sex and recreation.

Today is phone calls which I truly hate. The insurance ones are okay, but my lead generation ones are not. While I'm only on for 20 seconds unless they want to talk I'm just following up on people I met in person. I know it's a low self esteem problem. That I'm bothering them or imposing. I know most people don't care and some are happy to chat.

Tonight is a busy one with my weekly hike with L then I'm off to game night with the singles.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I was a telemarketer for 8 months when I lived in Barcelona. I was straight up calling businesses out of the yellow pages all over Europe. I had to pitch them in English, while many were offended I wasn't speaking to them in their languages. It was all I did for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I couldn't fine a job anywhere else. It sucked huge hairy hippo balls.

It wears down on you. You do kind of have to force yourself on people over the phone to get results. I never was successful because I didn't psychologically beat people down, over the phone. Call me crazy, but that's how it was in my office.

The most important lesson I learned
is that it's not over no matter what the other person says until he hangs up the phone. As far as I am concerened, if he hasn't hung up, he's still listening to you and you still have a chance.

If you're not feeling confident, you have to fake or else you'll never get anywhere. Especially if you feel like you're imposing. You really have to come across like you're doing them the favor not the other way around.

When I worked in car rental, when I acted like I was doing them a favor, my sales jumped. Of course, I was nice about it, but for those minutes that I was selling I really made it feel like I was doing them a favor. That they needed my product more than I needed their business.

I am glad I'm not selling/promoting anything anymore. I can't stand it, and it's not me.

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