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Here Comes the Bride

It's been a while since I was to a wedding. A real long time that I knew the wedding party. A few years ago a friend asked me to go with her so she wouldn't be going alone. However I knew no one and I didn't go to the service. Knowing OVDC made it more personal and I've known her since she was married, divorced, and now getting married again. So I know the relationship history. It was a good and fun event. It was an older crowd and OVDC and her new hubby met performing blue grass music. So it was more of a country type wedding with people bringing covered dishes instead of presents to the event. It was nice and homey.
(This is her husband to be's grandson giving he away. She's not a cougar)

Many women I date ask me if I would get married again. I always say "yes", but not having been around a married couple for a while. It reminded me of the full flavor of being in love and being married. I know they always don't go hand in hand so humor me. It made a lot of things more real for me, like things that I've missed in relationships. I'm not going out and finding a woman right now, but I was reminded of things long forgotten.

The other thing that came out of today's wedding was that OVDC had invited her long standing patients there. Over the years I have softened my stand on separating patients from my life. All ask and depending on our relationship I tell them. However if I realized if I was getting married I would probably invite some which was a new belief.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Beautiful bride !

I'm glad you enjoyed the ceremony.

I hope you get married again someday.

My grandparents told me that when they attend weddings together, they hold hands and glance at eachother during the ceremony.


Hi Mike,
Looks like a nice wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple.


Looks like a fun laid back time. I like a more casual wedding like that.

The bride looks joyously happy. I wish them much happiness.


Nothing wrong with a little cougar action now and then either! *wink*


Hey.. I totally get what you were trying to say or the point you made in this entry...

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