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Whip it, Whip it Good

Woohoo! I've got a 75% payment of all the members in the single group. There will always be people in there first 30 days that haven't paid, but much of the dead weight is gone. People still try to do it for free for some strange reason, but I guess that's just how they are.

I started my first weight loss client yesterday and it went well. I just feel very weird with it since I've always had a hard time gaining weight, never losing it. However I've dealt with enough people with addictions and personal problems to do this. The patient was very happy and excited. So we'll see how it goes.

I've been getting a lot of praise the last few days which has been nice. As usual for me it doesn't last long in my mind. Paper boy stated yesterday he still works to get to my networking ability level which everyone does recognize. It's not that hard to achieve just work and I think most people just don't want to do that last little "umph". The second one ties right into this. My business coach this morning stated that I was the only one really engaging the activities that we have all been setting up. So with that I was making a lot of contacts. I'm still waiting for this to turn into cash, but I know it's a process. One that if I can keep up will hopefully bring in a constant flow of patients.

I know in this economy everyone is happy that I'm doing the same as last year. I just need to do better to not be struggling so much financially and boy is it hard getting that extra inch or two.

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