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It's funny some people on Meetup sign up for so many different groups they forget what one they join. My memory is better than that. So when an old member tries to join again they get the message that it has been declined and that they need to pay there dues to be reinstated. This happened yesterday. His response:

"your a fuckin jerk buddy!!!!!!! I havent even been to one of your meetups buddy!!!!!!! All of the other meetups let a person try it out first!!!!! I wouldnt join your meetup if it was the last meetup left!!!!!! Your a tightwad prick who doesnt know how to run a meetup!!!!!!!"

Ooo I think I let a good one get away.

OVDC is getting married today so I'll be driving up to Gloucester for the event. I've never been to that part of the Old Dominion which isn't saying much. As always I have some anxiety about it since I will know no one there.

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