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Clubbing 2

Okay I'm a little more awake today after spending most of the day outside in the sun. So I remember more of the fun stuff from last night's clubbing. One of the most funniest things was that my friend Anna was starting to yawn so she asked her friend for something. The women were still chattering, but all the guys were looking to what she was going to get to stop yawning. After a bag was completely emptied out a Green Tea energy drink was produced. A small thing which Anna downed with a nasty face. What was great about this? Well 10 minutes later she sat back down at the table after getting a drink from the bar. She was chattering away so fast with different accents that we just watched her and smiled. I don't even think she realized what the hell she was doing. It was too funny.

I tell you once the place became a club the men's bathroom became a beauty parlor. I never saw so many guys primping at once. I felt like I was in the wrong bathroom. It was really weird.

The last thing I noticed is that people don't really dance in clubs. Singles just bounce around, some with better bounce then others. While couples the woman grinds her ass against the guys crotch. That was it. I expected better dancing for some reason. I guess from my time doing salsa and talking to other people who dance that it can really become a great thing to watch. Not last night.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I tell you, men have become the new women.

Unless you're going to a salsa club, you can forget about seeing anyone actually dance.

I stopped going to the club 6 years ago while I was in college. Too ghettofabulous for my liking, and all men wanted to do was grab my ass or grope me on the floor. It was too dark and loud in there to actually have a nice conversation.

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