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I've Got a Feeling, A Feeling I Can't Hide

Did I ever mention I hate feeling "bad" feelings. I went to visit my Mom today and it was an off day for her. They were going to give her a nap when I got there, but they were like no hurry. So I did her nails and tried calling my brother, but he wasn't around. My Mom was a lump on a log today and not very responsive. So I left there feeling sad which is an appropriate feeling, but I don't like it. I never do and I know that sounds childish, but it's been a life long battle. My psych profile says I'm too sensitive. When I was first told that I was like yeah right. However the explanation that it's because I'm too sensitive and don't know how to handle my feelings is why I avoid them like the plague. I'm better with them, but we're not best buds yet.

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You feeling sad and not liking it, is not childish at all. I think it's normal. I think I would feel the same way if I were in your position. She is your mother, and no matter what you've gone through or how tough your skin is, she is and will always be your mom.

I feel like I can identify with you, as I've been told that sometimes I am too sensitive or take things personally.


I do not find your feeling like that childish. I have a pretty aggressive personality type, and can be quite brusque, but I was VERY sad when I had things like that happen with my Dad.

I think the childishness comes in, & I have seen this many times, but I did not do it, and it does not seem like you do it either, when a person does not like what they see(as in your Mom being unresponsive) & then they take that out on the other person, as if that person can help it or as if that person is DOING it to them. That is were selfishness & childishness & blame comes in. You don't do that. ~Mary


Mike, is it possible that your mom was more lethargic as she would normally be taking her nap then? I have seen that with some. Or, perhaps she's like that some of the time now, which would be sad:(

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