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Sane Friends

Knock Three Times

I did my weekly walk around of the neighborhood to meet more of the businesses and sign them up for our neighborhood group. My coach asked if I had went to all the medical places. I said yes, but found a big one that I didn't know existed. It was a very strange place. Half of the doctor's offices were closed and the rest said no to being listed in the community for free. It was kind of weird for them to do that. I drive past the building for 5 years now and didn't know what it was. Oh well to each there own. Everyone else I met was very nice.

So when I got back to the office it was thank you cards for everyone I met plus putting all there information in the appropriate places. It was a good time for me to do it since I had no one schedule. So someone had to walk in then. I was surprised it was the Destroyer and friend. She walked around my desk to hug me, but I shook her hand. They were cold calling businesses and saw mine so she stopped by. We talked for a little while before they hit the road again. However now my mind is running with her stopping by. She's an attractive woman, but my gut says trouble for me. I'm not saying she's a nut case, but I have the feeling we'll be oil and water. I'm very happy I nicknamed her the Destroyer since it keeps my mind in a better place.

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Sheesh ... I don't remember "Destroyer" but sounds like trouble!

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