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Sane Friends

It's So Logical

It was nice to be talking to a office manager for a medical office today. To hear they are struggling to in this economy. We both know ways to increase that, but don't want to be taking advantage of our patients. The newest stats are that 45% of Americans are cutting back on seeing the doctor. Oh happy days.

I tell you I miss having a woman in the house. There's just a different feel. I remember when I was in college and one of our suite mates fiance was staying with us for 2 months. Hey the place was clean and smelled nice. The Landlord does well with keeping the place clean and smelling good. However now with 3 guys in the house, we're just pissing all over the place (not literally) to mark our territory. Everything now has hard edges and there is no softness to balance it out. On a side note. Inverse's daughter was with us last night for some reason and the Landlord dropped her off at school today. On the weekend's with Inverse working and school and I know he sometimes covers. However she doesn't have class on Monday. He just stated last night he had no idea why he had her. Hopefully I'll get the full story tonight.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, there is a different vibe when there is a woman in the house.

When I was perusing the roommate section, there were often requests for female roommates.

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