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Sane Friends

Soggy Sunday

Well it was a wash with the singles and the art festival. It's been a wall of water out there all day. So I changed the event to indoors and we played pool. Well only Server guy showed which worked out really well. He's normal and one of the few other guys in the group who is outgoing like myself. So it was nice to talk to someone about the different women in the group who actually knows them. We both said WTF to the Photographer kissing us both at the last Happy hour. He likes her and may ask her out. So we talked about that for awhile. I gave my two cents without revealing anything she told me in confidence. We talked about dating in general and it was nice to talk face to face with another guy about this stuff. I talk to friends on the phone about this, but don't really have anyone local to do this.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I often wonder what guys talk about when ladies aren't in the room. In other words, I'm curious about your "two cents."

PS - I think I'm missing a lot when I don't read you daily. I have no idea who Server Guy is...or why you call him that. Does he play tennis or is he a waiter?? Sounds like he shouldn't be waiting on that Kissing Photographer...she sounds a little fickle, don'tcha think?


Hi Mike,
That "Photographer" sounds fickle. Maybe she was hidden away somewhere taking pictures of both of you ...

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