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What a Picture is Worth

Well welcome aboard my day in pictures. First off I head off to Mt. Trashmore for the Earth Day festival.

Black Bird Pond was playing there. They play original songs that are rock 'n roll. The lead singer sounds like Christine Hine from the Pretenders. I like them. I hadn't seen them in about 4 years.

The singles that were on time. Other joined us as we walked around.

Afterwards I met with L to go hiking on the beach. We're trying to hook up once a week to walk. She does it twice a day since she has Trevor the dog, but with me she'll do longer distances. As is normal its more fun to exercise with someone else.

It was a hot hike with intermittent rain. The beach was pretty empty of people except for an attractive woman that kept pacing up and down a stretch of sand.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like a nice way to spend your Sunday. The beach is an hour away for me, and I wish I could find time to get off my lazy hide and take a walk.

Happy Earth Day !


Hi Mike,
That sounds like a nice, relaxing day and not all that different from mine. I walked the beach, too.


I think you meant Chrissie Hynde, not Christine Hine.


Oh, I remember Mt. Trashmore... I lived in Virginia Beach when I was a very young child.


Ah, you do realize that "hook up" can mean entirely different things to the generations younger than us:) I'm glad you're finding time to just walk the beach, and with someone else. It all sounds good. Heck, the idea of a long walk on a hot empty beach with intermittent rain, sounds fantastic to me.


Sounds like a great day

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