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Eric called me for his school project on the family tree. He had to focus on one country on the tree. His mom's side is all Irish and can easily be tracked. So he asked a few things about my Dad's side which is Italian. I have that tree all written down for myself when I was curious a few years ago as everyone is starting to die off. My Mom's side which is Filipino is more obscure. Her parents were dead before any of us came along. My older brothers knew her half sisters and brother. They were just names that were occasionally mentioned in passing. Honestly I met my first Filipino person when I was in chiropractic college in my twenties.

Anyway Eric was focusing on the Philippines for his project. Jeez I was impressed on how much shit I was able to pull out of my ass on the subject. Since I've been a chiropractor I've met and dealt with a lot of Filipinos. Hey they pervade the medical field. Plus now being in Virginia Beach, I think we have the highest concentration on the east coast, Jersey may have more. So I knew there were over 7000 islands making it up, the Chocolate hills, government, food, etc. The biggest problem was that he wanted names of people which I didn't have. I knew my Mom was named after her grandmother and I believed her last name was Aguilar. However her parents were a blank which he kept asking about. I don't think he could fathom that we didn't know.

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Hi Mike,
It's kind of sad. I have no idea whatsoever about my family's background pretty much on all sides. My great, great grandparents didn't share a lot of details. Like many, they decided that a fresh start in the new world meant closing all the doors to the old. Too bad ...


My neighbor's last name is Aguilar and he's from Chile, I believe.

I'd love to dig deeper into my roots and travel to Spain to see where my great-grandfather grew up. Algún día. :)


I tried tracing my roots a few years ago and got sidetracked (not hard to do for me) and never finished. I need to pick that project up again. Hmmmmm.....


Very cool to check into it. So, are you half-filipino, half-italian, in terms of ethnicity???

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