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Sane Friends

What Friday Brings

Since I had game night with the singles, L and I cut our hike short. It was still a good walk and she was in good form. I'm not quite sure what the other night's sharing was all about. One thing I did learn is not to sit for a few hours after a hike. Yeow!

Game night was good. Half the group cancelled at the last minute, but we had a good size crowd. A lot of new faces so the chemistry was a lot different with people getting to know each other. I guess I would say most everyone had a very strong personality which kept swinging around the table.

I'm happy today is a busy day in the office, but I do have a complaint. Originally one patient switched her appointment late which was no big deal until all the late appointments switched to earlier ones. Now I have a 5 hour opening. Oye! I have somethings to get done, but I don't know how many businesses are going to give me the answers I want the day before a 3 day weekend.

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