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Well today was my big day on the radio. I finally figured out what to say. It was a lot of fun and the host and I joked around a lot. They're behind in archiving do to problem with the server. When it becomes available I'll post it so you can listen if you like. Right now I'm trying to come down from the high of it. For me I'm always trying to regulate my energy since it can spike and valley with how I feel. The extremes are always a problem for me.

Besides all of this, it's a good day in the office. However I'm tired. I awoke early then fell back to sleep so when my alarm clock rang I was deep in sleep. I hate when that happens since I drag for the day.

I tell you it's weird having 3 assistant organizers for the singles. I'm so use to doing 3 events a week and now I can relax, but still plenty of events are happening. It was funny when I got a email from a lady wondering if we had any events going this week. I think we have like 10.

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