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Well I got the confirmation today from my ex that Eric wouldn't be flying this year. The consensus was that he wasn't ready. His anxiety is better, but still can be problematic. While I see some of it while we're together, I think the bigger problem is not doing it. It will usually happen once a visit or every other. Usually he won't feel good and want to leave whatever we're doing. Personally I take it from life's point of view. It doesn't stop just because you do. So we usually just sit and relax and wait till he feels better which happens in a few minutes. Then he's back off to the races. Fear and anxieties aren't overcome by not doing. For me that just reinforces them. However this change in plans will mean that it will be a weekend visit for me. The double trip of getting and returning him to NY is too much money for me to absorb now.

I see that this week is reschedule or no show week. I haven't had one of these in a while. I forgot how much they suck. Reschedules aren't my favorite, but they're better than just not showing up.

Well hopefully the weather will hold out for a few more hours. It's Thursday and L and mine weekly beach hike. I'm not quite sure our luck will hold out this week.

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I suppose if one of you flew with him, he'd feel a lot better. However, that's additional money I'm sure neither of you have right now. At least you'll still see him -- THIS weekend??!!!

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