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Sane Friends


I met up with my friend Anna tonight on her visit from Colorado. It's been 2 years since I've seen her. Most people there I didn't know or only met once 2 years ago. While Anna and I are friends it's a strange mix and it gets weirder with her friends. They're not bad people just we're different. Almost everyone smoked at the table and listened to black and death metal music. Not really my thing. It was interesting talking to the guys since we were just tourist at the party.
We all met at Guadalajara's which I knew from Happy Hour with the singles. They all wanted to stay until the place becomes a club at night. During the day and evening this is a normal restaurant, but at night it becomes a club. You know pay to get in velvet rope type deal. It was really freaking weird to watch them set this up and have people wait outside. It was very interesting to see women in there 50's hanging outside to get in. Can we say cougars? I did learn from one of the guys that read Cosmo that women in there 30's are termed Pumas and over 40 cougars. Hey who knew? This place just packed up. The owners got rid of all the tables and chairs and instant club.

Now I was never a club person growing up. So being 42 hasn't changed that or made it better. It's loud, hot, and an alien place to me. My ears are still ringing.

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