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What Monday Brings

I finally got the letter written to my ex today. In writing it I wanted to thank her for bringing up Eric. However the thought of doing so was really bothering me. I really had thought I forgiven her all the crap that she caused after we separated, but I found out that I still had a lot of unforgiving in my heart. It took some work and a few days to be able to write the letter today. Looking back it probably was too sterile, but I got out what I needed to say and the compliment was in there also. So we'll see how it goes over.

Like an athlete I have to keep myself in the right frame of mind when treating people. I lost it when I was treating a new patient today. For some reason I lost that confident appearance and I didn't pick it back up. I'm going to need to put something in place so that never happens again.

My meeting with the midwives went well today. A very nice pair of women. I think it will work out for all parties with us working together. They has said there use to be a holistic health network in the area years ago, but it was gone now. I was thinking of doing something like that fashioned after our neighborhood group. It would give me reason to meet a lot of people in the field. My problem with this is that most people in the holistic field are not business people, they're technicians. They do a good job, but the nut and bolts of business running is not in their manual. So I'm going to think about it for a while since I know I would be footing the bill and the man hours. I may get some payment for the work, but do I want to divert my energy to it. I need to make sure I can generate business from it.

Yes the restaurant finally got back to me today. I called this morning to talk to the person. They went to connect me and then told me she was busy. I could tell they weren't taking me seriously until I told them I had a party of 20 people. Then the lady made sure she had my name and number correct. Surprising still it was several hours before I heard anything. So all in all we are scheduled.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, truly forgiving someone is way harder than it seems. Yet it is necessary because 1.) Things in the past can't be done over 2.)You may never get the apology from her that you are hoping for.

I've thought I've forgiven family and that it was all behind me, when in reality I hadn't let all of the pain go.

Take your time, you will eventually get there.


Taking time and rewriting the letter over a few days is likely a good thing. So what if it's sterile; you had to work to get it this far, and that's great :)

As for the restaurants, sometimes it can take a small bit of time depending upon who is there when you call, and what shift the groups reservationist is working that day (or what days). But, still. You picked up on their nonchalance towards you, and that isn't right or even good to risk in this economic climate.


Good job on finally getting the letter written the way you wanted it. Not an easy task.

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