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I'd Like Some Wiiiiiinnnnneeee

So I'm becoming a marketing fiend this week. Hey it helps pay the bills. Anyway I've been trying to figure out what my next patient appreciation is for July. I still haven't found anything small for June yet. The funny thing is that even though most people don't come, many are asking what the next event will be. Anyway talking to my coach he suggested wine tasting. Now that works especially since I don't drink. Why this works is because I can focus on everyone and I know how I can get it down for free. I figured I could do it with Ar lady since her clientele and mine match up. They're mostly female and I know you ladies like your wine. My thought was that Blondie does the Traveling Vineyard and I could get her to do it. However since we no longer go out would this be advisable. I was waffling in indecision, but as soon as I typed one letter here I knew it would be a bad idea. Well not bad, but more chance of a problem happening. So I called someone else to find me someone.

Today will hopefully be the last day of the heatwave. It was only 2 days long, but 90+ degree heat is way too hot for me. I hate running the AC in my car when gas is high so I'm not a happy camper this week.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL about the heat wave and it's what, beginning of June?! (Okay, I hate it, too, but today it's actually almost cold for summer. If we'd had this weather in February it'd feel very warm.)

Some people can move from having dated, to working business relationship and have it go well. Some, can't. You're not feeling that a business relationsip with Blondie would work right now, so yeah, nix that and focus on your other ideas. I personally prefer beer most of the time over wine, but I'm learning more about wines slowly. :)

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