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Sane Friends

The Midnight Hour

The rest of my day has been a bit interesting after my radio offer and both have to do with Facebook. Before I get to that, it's interesting when I first heard the offer I was like how much is this going to cost me. Everyone else thinks its for free. I guess it's the business person in me and that nothing is free.

Anyway I got a friend request from someone I went to high school with. They also sent me a email saying hi. Who the hell this person is, is beyond me. I can only remember a few people in high school. I moved around a lot so I was only there for a couple of years. She neither looks familiar or sounds familiar. I guess I should dig out my old yearbook one of these days. It might be my mission for tomorrow, although I have I have no idea where it is in my storage unit.

The women who owes me money and wants to be my Facebook friend responded to my email about her paying the outstanding debt. She lied and told me that the insurance company hadn't settled yet which they already told me it was settled back in December. She wanted my to try and get money from her health insurance company. When I thought about answering her back it was so strange cause I felt like the bad person. I have no idea why, but I get this way often with this misplaced guilt. I didn't do anything wrong and I wasn't the thief. So I replied that they wouldn't pay since they had already settled. So I'll see if she falls of the face of the Earth now.

I was going to make sure Dancer knows that I only want this to be a friendship since she is still going gun-ho with us. However she was out with friends tonight for her birthday tomorrow. So I told her I'd talk to her tomorrow so she could be with her friends. I'm hoping I don't have to put a stake in her heart for her to get it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Can you wait until a few days after her bday? It wouldn't be as bad then, especially since she's enthusiastic about the relationship.


I'm quite capable of feelings of guilt, but not with people who have stolen my money. You should email her that it is a criminal offense to keep money sent to her as medical payment intended for her Dr.

Better yet, ask her for her new address since you will need it while pursuing the claim, and then get a judgment against her. ~Mary

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