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Sane Friends

The Tide Turns

I hate bumps in the road. The ex called my tonight upset. Her dad has taken a turn for the worse in a very fast way. He went from okay health to seeing and talking to people not there. I'm thinking probably a stroke if there has been no medicine changes. They admitted him to the hospital today to run test to get to the bottom of the problem. The bigger problem is that I know my ex and her dad are very tight and she has always stated that when he goes she will be a basket case. Oye. So Eric maybe flying back on his own Friday.

I'm happy to report that as Eric gets older he is sleeping later and longer which is great for me since it's usually sleep deprivation. We did find a bike today at the thrift store for $8 which we cleaned up. Catch was the big thing for the day. Learning how to ride went very rough. I was honest with Eric about his frustration level when he doesn't get things easy. He's been that way since he was born. Mentally he's very intelligent and that comes easy. The physical stuff comes normal for everyone, but to him is seems harder since it's not as easy. Frustration sets in pretty fast and it makes it hard for him to learn.

I was hoping patients would call in like they do on Mondays to come in. However this week is was to cancel and already slow week.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I feel for your ex because I have the same relationship with my father. We are very close and I cannot picture him not being a part of my life.

The physical stuff will come with time and practice, right? I hope so!

As for your this week, it's slow at the law office as well after a busy week of adoptions.

Have a great Tuesday!! :)

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