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Sane Friends

Pooping Out at Parties

With Dancer and friends here, every time I look at the clock it's midnight. It's wearing me down. I was happy that my hike with L yesterday was no problem which means my endurance is increasing. My legs aren't sore from hiking, but are sore from sex. It's funny my muscles can be in shape, but not use to certain movements. Oye do I feel it. Tonight it's the Funny Bone for both groups.

One thing I'm finding out which is really no surprise for me is that unless I'm working on building a relationship my real enjoyment of it all isn't there. At times I wish I could be more casual about it, but I guess I was made for better things.

Today I'm more excited about Eric coming in a few weeks. It'll be good to see him. So now I need to start planning what I can do to keep him occupied during the times I work. The times I'm busy in the office are shifting now so I can't even predict how it will be then.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Lol. Your poor legs!!!

If it makes you feel better, I'm in shape from playing real tennis. But, the first time I played Wii tennis I got a Grade II muscle strain in my shoulder!



Its funny how you can use different muscles doing different activities in the same area of the body. Wild.

So you made it through the hike huh.....? Me? I would have collapsed at the .4 mile mark. LOL


Pwn Star - lmao. Thanks that makes me feel better.


Glad to hear you got laid.

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