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Whew it was a scorcher today. It was in the 90's and very humid. Work this morning was a lot slower than I wanted with 2 cancellations. So this was the slowest week I've had in 6 weeks. I'm worried since next week doesn't look busy either and I'm not around next Saturday. My big hope is that my deadbeat patient actually pays me the money she owes me in 3 weeks when she gets it from the insurance company. We'll see.

Eric is doing better with no more fever. He's still coughing and tired, but is on the mend. The doctor is saying he should be back to normal by Wednesday.
It was the annual Boardwalk Art Show down by the oceanfront today. So the singles and I met up to stroll around and look at the artwork. Whoa boy and I fried from all the heat, sun, and walking. I'm really tired tonight. It was a lot of fun and I have to admit the 6-7 hours I was down there went really fast. Having fun people with me helped.
One thing I realized in dealing with Dancer is that I've picked again a woman that dismisses my feelings. Everything I've said and down which everyone else listening has picked up loud and clear has been deflected with her. Talking once a week and I'll be good. She might not like it, but I have my life and since I'm not trying to build anything else than a friendship here I really don't care.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Is Dancer doing this to protect her own feelings?? It makes you wonder.

I'm glad your boy is feeling better and that you had some fun at the art show. It looks like a fun group in the pics.


I'm don't think it is dismissing your feelings as much as her being a bit obsessed with you, which makes her hear everything differently. When I was in my last long-term relationship, there came a point he wanted to marry, and I definitely did not. He NEVER dismissed my feelings, nor seemed to totally not get anything I said until then, but all of a sudden he heard everything as MAYBE THERE IS HOPE, while I was saying(nicely) NO WAY. His internal logic meter was stuck on I WANT TO MARRY YOU. I think Dancer is stuck on: I WANT TO DATE MIKE.

I am very glad Eric is on the mend & I hope you have a great(long distance, I know, but.....you'll see him soon)Father's Day. ~Mary

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