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Sane Friends


Well the ex's father has sepsis and a fever so we they are treating him for it. Hopefully they are able to get it all under control.
It's been way too hot today. Eric and I tried to play basketball, but we wilted after about 20 minutes. So he's been playing computer games most of the day while I treated patients. The phone started ringing today which is good so hopefully it will continue to do so. The funny thing was that it was my second busiest month this year, but it just died so fast after the first 2 weeks being really good. What's killing me is all the extra money I had to pay out this month and I'm flat broke now to pay the new bills.
Well tomorrow is so far dead in the office so Eric and I will go down to the beach. L has offered her driveway to park so we can get close.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

He's sooo cute!! The beach sounds wonderful...I'm so jealous you live by one!


Ah, you really do need to have him have some beach time with you, too:)
I tried to find M's former chirop. but I can't find his card and none of the names in the directory sound at all familiar:( My insurance now covers it. (I got her in to her orthpaedic for some PT so we'll go that route.)

It's been quite delightful weather, considering it's wow July already, here. Hot sometimes but not miserable. I suspect he'll love the fireworks there, too:)

Sorry to hear about your ex-FIL.

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