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Sane Friends

Rocky Road

I was alarmed when my ex called me to tell me Eric was sick. Kids and colds go together. So when I called her back she told me that he had the swine flu. He's doing well and getting treatment. He'll be home from school till next Wednesday. I asked if it would affect him graduating, but was informed that it wouldn't. My next worry is that if he's not well enough to fly next Saturday he's going to be heartbroken to miss the visit.

It was Dancer's birthday and I didn't want to reiterate what I said about no spark again if I didn't have to. However with her starting the day with an email wanting a letter from me telling her how I feel for her special day. Then when we were on the phone she was saying how the relationship is so one sided so I had to tell her. She didn't take it well. Dancer wants to keep trying since we've not been together long. However I know I how I feel and it's not happening. I know that chemistry feeling isn't going to change. I'm happy to be friends with her and any further communication and interaction be under that. She even offered friends with benefits. Jeez can I pick them. Now I know why people just go cold turkey in these instances. We left off that I want to be friends and that she hopes that it will grow to be more. If it gets too intense I'll have to pull the plug.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, talk about desperate ! So because you weren't together for that long she wants to "try" harder ?

I don't know why you offered "just friends" with her. That's usually a bad idea, especially if you guys have boned in the past.

Good luck.

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