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Sane Friends

Still Crazy After All These Years

Even after 2 unreturned phone calls, one of which she was angry that I didn't pick it up, Dancer texted me today. She tried to make a joke about seeing her chiropractor today while she was back home visiting her parents. Oye, I might have to drive a stake through her heart to make her stay down.

I was hoping to get to be early tonight, but it will probably be normal time since I'm not feeling sleepy. The day was too slow for me to burn that much energy off.

Across the hall from me is a florist. Like I've mentioned before I'm not on the main drag which works against me to a point. However for a florist, no through traffic really sucks and they really don't run it very well. Anyway they've hired Punk girl to work there. She's a very nice person I just have a hard time looking at her without staring at all the piercings she has in her face let alone ears. I think the round one hanging out of her nose draws the most attention. If she's there next week I wonder what Eric will say. Hopefully she will be able to work out all the problems with the owners since she is good for networking and cross marketing businesses which can help me.

Now my two prayers are that I don't have to go pick Eric up and that my patient that owes me several thousand dollars was actually telling me the truth and will have the insurance money for me in 2 weeks.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I am glad you are finally talking about Eric. I am sure he misses you very much. Don't let time pass your opportunity to spend time with him.


Hi Mike,
That Dancer does sound persistent but I'm sure she's getting the message. Hopefully she doesn't feel too hurt.


You just have a blast with Eric:) Even I find that transition from just me, or Daisy and me essentially living with E at his place, to us all at home, to be a jolt sometimes, albeit it's pretty quick transition and she's mostly home with me.
If Dancer could be a more normal, less dysfunctional, friend, that'd be different. But, well, she's not. May she find some peace elsewhere soon!

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