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Sane Friends

In Sickness and at Concerts

The concert last night was a lot of fun. It was Saturn girl, her date the Savant, and his friend Asp. We all know each other from the singles group. It's a fun group. Savant is very funny, but also very weird and crazy. He was the one that won tickets to the concert, but it was Asp that asked if I wanted to go. I wasn't quite sure if it was her was of getting us together or not. While I find her attractive and funny in a group, she has a sharp tongue. Asp is good for whittling you down, but I don't know about positive stuff. I believe she is good with her son though. Her problem she confessed is that she never meets anyone. It was during the concert, so I couldn't reply that she never goes out. It's work and home with her son. She rarely comes to events with us. Hopefully with her son gone till August, Asp will get the bug to get out more.

Dancer called and left me a message during the concert last night. I still haven't listened to it and I doubt I will. L said that I'm too nice and just cut the crazy lady off. I've heard that from a few people and since I've already let her know how I've felt I think I'm just going to let it die.

I talked to the ex last night for a while and her health is still declining. Besides the cyst on her ovaries that is causing problems she also has one on her pancreas and has colitis. She's falling apart like I knew would happen when we were married. I knew in the future I would be taking care of her for a long time. I worry how it will all affect Eric. She hasn't told him much, but kids sense everything. All this may upset Saturday's pick up. I may have to take a taxi to get Eric. At least the ex said she would pay for it. I'm hoping she can drop him off.

I was trying to decide if I should bring Eric to see my Mom while he is here. I wasn't sure about showing him her decline. He knows about it verbally, but seeing is a totally different thing. Also I was worried with him just getting over a cold since you need a strong immune system there. However I got the call today saying that my Mom has a head cold and that they were giving her medicine for it. So that made my mind up for me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I think that you should take Eric to see his grandmother. It would be an early lesson in educating him about the disease, and teaching him to be compassionate to people with illnesses like that. Especially since it's in his own family, he will develop compassion early. He will see how you treat her, and he will follow your lead, which is a good thing.

I also think he deserves to see his grandma, and although she may not consciously know who he is, I think subconsciously she would be grateful.

Good luck on whatever you do.


If it seems, healthwise, that it'd work for Eric to see his grandmother, I think that you should do that. Talk w/ him about it first, of course, that she may not remember even who you are, etc., but, if it's doable, I think that'd be a good thing.

Sorry to hear about your exes health. Do you think she'll stay getting sicker and sicker and, well, die prematurely early???

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