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Fathers & Fear

Since it's Father's Day this weekend, the Internet is a buzz with stuff for guys. Now this little gizmo I found was just too interesting to pass up. I have no need for it, but it's so cool. I'm not quite sure how it opens doors when they won't open. My guess would be to use the chrome plated body like a rock. It's a guy think what can I say.

Swiss+Tech 81550 BodyGard 7-in1 Platinum Series, Chrome Plated BodyGuard is made to help you escape from a vehicle when windows or doors fail to operate due to vehicle damage, fire, or submersion in water. Use the built-in alarm and lights to ward off attackers or signal for help when walking, biking, or hiking, too! Swiss+Tech 81550 BodyGard 7-in1 Platinum Series, Chrome Plated Features: 3 x 1¾ x ¾ weighing only 1.5 oz. Automatic Glass Breaker Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter Sonic Alarm LED Flashlight w/ High and Low Beam Flashing Red Emergency Flasher Thermometer Digital... Tire Gauge Made In: China

The latest book I'm reading asked if I wasn't afraid, how would I act? Now that was an interesting question since I knew I would act a lot different. I would be a lot more outgoing if not what I would consider brazen with marketing and talking to people. Right now I'm working on getting rid of the little whispers in the back of my mind that always come up with a worse case scenario. So I'm working on acting like I'm not afraid. How about you? How would you act if your weren't afraid?

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