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Well I feel like the Titanic. It was a good morning and then I hit something and now it's sucking. 50% of my patients this morning just called to reschedule. WTF? I know I should expect it. There is always a certain percentage of reschedules and no show and that number will increase as my numbers go up, but I still don't have to like it.

My weight loss patient seems to be stuck at her weight. She's happier and feeling healthier which is great, but I know she wants the weight to drop. We're still working on it.

It's a busy weekend with the singles. This afternoon we're heading off to one of the local maritime museums. It's there 15th birthday so it's free which I like. The funny thing is that I'm the only guy going. Everyone else is female which is interesting considering the venue. Although since this is a Navy town most guys may think it's like going to work. Tonight we have our weekend edition game night. My worry with that tonight is that my usual helpers will not be showing and I have a lot of people scheduled. Hey we'll muddle through it. It looks like I'm going to see Aliens & Monsters by myself tomorrow which I don't mind. Then tomorrow night we have the Funny Bone comedy club. (John I do this through Meetup.com)

It was funny Eric wanted me to text him an Adobo recipe for school. I'm so glad I have a full key pad to do it since they needed it to do it this weekend.

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