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Sane Friends

There Be Dragons

I'm beat. 2 days in the great outdoors will do that to you. Today we headed over to one of the historical houses, the Adam Thoroughgood house. They had a summer celebration and did it with a medieval festival. The grounds themselves were very nice. They had blacksmith making bottle openers out of metal which he stylized with a face. The wizard did a show for the kids with more jokes than any magic. The human chessboard was interesting to watch. The warriors showed us the trechnut as they launched water balloons in to the air. There were plenty of weapon displays with talks of history like the viking raids. The last thing we watched was the joust. All father's were free which I enjoyed. I tell you all those years of playing Dungeons & Dragons paid off with having to explain it to one of the singles from Japan.
Dancer is really starting to get on my nerves. I think Mary is correct that she is obsessed with me. If we can't talk only once a week I may have to end it. German girl said that the more contact we have the more that she's thinking that things are working out.

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