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Forget the title I'm going crazy in a crazy world. The Landlord has been doing jigsaw puzzles for the last few weeks downstairs. It's been giving my a little bit of a bug to do one. Well I was in the thrift store today and I saw a fantasy one that looked like Disney world threw up. It was 58 cents so I figured why the hell not. My only worry was that it would have all 1000 pieces. My usual strategy is to do the outside first. While doing this I remember that I've never done one this big before and finished. Oh well there's always a first. So I get the outside done, but one side is short and I've got extra pieces. No problem right? Wrong. They don't fit anywhere. WTF? So instead of having a rectangle I have a trapezoid which is strange since it's rectangular on the box. However it is a fantasy puzzle so anything can go. For a lack of sanity now I'm trying to do the inside in hopes that it will somehow all work out. I'll be in a rubber room in a couple of days.

I have not contacted Dancer back yet and I'm deciding still if I'm going to call back. Each time I do it seems to stir everything back up again. One thing I realized again when she left me the message today is that every time I break away from my standards on dating I end up with a crazy chick. One day I think I'll learn.

The good think that happened tonight is that some singles friends invited me to the Doobie Brothers/Bad Company concert tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

i think i stumbled across your blog back in the old aohell days....

i agree-- stick by your principles about dating. it seems better to be single and making yourself crazy with the puzzles and all rather then being hooked in to some batpoop crazy lady who is gonna make you nuttier then that there trapazoid puzzle you are working on.


formerly of 'a single girl rants about life in general', now on blogger as miss alaineus!


Hmmmm....I've never done a puzzle like that before. I wonder if I could actually pull it off. I'd probably get so bored with it I'd pitch the whole thing. lol

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