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Two Tickets to Paradise

Believe me you aren't the only one surprised about that. It's just another extension of that there isn't a spark here with Dancer. I enjoy my time with her a lot, but when I'm not with her I don't even think about her. She has a lot of qualities that I like, but the chemistry isn't there for something more. Since this relationship is ass backwards in that we started having sex before we knew each other better, I'm finding it out now. If we had started dating normal like I would have picked up on it. Dancer's flight is on stand by so it looks like she'll spend a night at my place and leave Monday. I'm happy that sleep deprivation is starting to catch up with her since I'm ready to go psychotic here. I'm going to cut out of the office a little early today so I can run a few errands and get back home to do laundry and grab a nap. We planned a night out tonight since it was suppose to be her last night her. I'm taking her to Carabas and then miniature golfing. I might switch it around since we might not feel like doing anything after a good meal.
Our monthly Happy Hour went very well with a great amount of people showing up. Food, drinks, and conversation was very good. Afterwards we went to listen to music out in the town square.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

So, Mike, which one is she? The one in the pic with you or the other one?


Hi Mike,
I have these visions of a Dancer fox-trotting her way over to the computer and reading your blog. That's one way to get her to hoof it ...!


Janice - She's the one in the picture with me.


Well, I'll have to backtrack to catch up, but, heck, if you enjoy her company and she's heading out of town for good, then just remain friendly and don't worry about a continuing relationship. You do get yourself into situations lol. I'm surprised you put up a photo identifying her, on a blog that's so findable.

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