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I awoke to "It's my life and I'll do what I want" by the Kinks playing in my head. In 24 hours I go from zero to full time dad for 6 days. It's always a big shock to my system. I do enjoy my time with Eric, but the big transition is hard on me. Since he's starving for time with me it's hard for me to get a little alone time during the day to myself that I need. I deal with this with my patients all the time and for me I know I get stressed from it. Since Eric's visits aren't real life I rarely have a support system to help out with this.

I won't know till I'm in NY whether my ex is dropping Eric off or I'm taking a taxi to pick him up. I'm packing for spending 7-9 hours in the airport till our flight back.

The office has slammed on the breaks which I hate since it means money dries up real fast. I know I had many extra bills this month so there is no cushion at the moment. I just don't like not having one when I'm traveling and dealing with Eric.

Blogging may be sporadic over the next week, but I promise to take many pictures.

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