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I almost feel like I'm juggling women today. It's Phili's birthday today so I texted her a greeting this morning. I got a thanks back, but who knows if she even knows who sent it. However I knew it was today and I still had her number in my phone so I figured I'd be nice since I know she usually is alone.
No claws came out at the meeting of L and the Photographer. The Photographer joked that we were strolling later on FB. L welcomed her on FB an mentioned the rain and to have a great weekend. Who the hell knows what it all means.

My ex called and left a message about did I want to try and do the flying this month or in August. I texted back that I would see what I could find out. With it being only a few weeks away it maybe hard to pull off. I'd rather text than talk. I know myself it's WAY too easy to fall into old habits that I don't want to do.

I'll be out of the house most of the weekend with 4 different singles events that I'm running. Yes I know I'm probably stretching myself thin on this one, but hey it'll be fun. Anyway Single's son and younger brother will be staying with us at the house while she works for extra money.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Thanks for adding yourselg. What do you do at the singles. Is it dinner. A get together. I wouldnt mind starting one here in Cali
Thanks for any advice


I'm sorry, but the pictures on your sidebar are FUCKING hysterical!


Don't know where I'll put them (now that my boss is reading my blog) but I'm stealing them ANYWAY.


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