Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

Yes It's Me

It was funny today. One of my friends from across the way wanted to stop by with a friend. I figured it was either business or a possible date. Anyway she showed up with a woman who looked familiar. She said she had met me a couple of weeks ago when she stopped by to hand me something about her business. I informed her that I did my own billing, but I had given her information out. I asked if she wanted m chiropractic directory and she took it like I gave her the crown jewels. Then she turned and saw my wall. She asked if I was Dr. V which I answered yes. She said that she was told to talk to Dr. V who would be able to help her. However she couldn't find any Dr. V in the phone book. Well she found me in a round about way.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Many people shorten my name to Mary D because they are incapable of pronouncing it(or at least pronouncing it correctly) but your last name is such that I think they could just say it out when referring to you. I've had many patients say Dr A or Dr J and I've found it unprofessional. I've also found that when they don't seem to say the name ever in full, they don't remember it at all over time.~Mary

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