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Sane Friends

Beach Days

It was off to the beach today. Pictures will have to follow since I left my camera at the office. We parked over at L's to save money and Chesapeake beach is more resident friendly. The beach was crowded and the water was very nice. I'm not a big water person anymore. I went in with Eric to keep and eye on him since he still can't swim. We built sandcastles and just enjoyed the beach.

The rest of the day we hung out in the office playing games and trying to stay cool since everyday is in the 90's with bright sun. So the afternoon is the worse time to be outside.

My ex's dad has sepsis and is still battling it as of last night. I haven't heard any updates today. Tonight I'll need to find out if the ex is coming down to pick up Eric or is he going back up himself a little ahead of schedule. I've still been pushing the whole flying by himself thing. He hasn't said no, but hasn't jumped for joy yet.

Oh yeah I found an email from Dancer in my spam box. Just deleted it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Praise Baby Jesus, you finally stopped talking to her !

Still, I hope she doesn't end up on your doorstep.


I think Eric is likely best off right where he is at the moment, having beach time and hang time, and not caught up in the medical crisis and neurosis at his home (albeit I'm sure he's worried about his grandfather). Maybe he could even stay a little longer??? Anyway, be glad he's enjoying this time now:) Shaking my head at Dancer.

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