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It was a good day of getting back to my normal routine. I hit the office to treat a patient and to see if anyone else needed treatment on this holiday. It also allowed me to catch up on all my emails in my box that weren't kid friendly.
I was meeting L for an afternoon hike so I grabbed some lunch before hand. I'm sick of fast food for a while, at least hamburgers. Eric loves Hardees and since they don't have them in NY I try to appease his desire for them. However 6 days of the stuff has burned me out on red meat.
This was the first time I've hiked on the beach on the weekend and a holiday at that. It was a bit surreal since it was packed and not the usual emptiness that I'm use to. However there was a nice open stretch of sand unoccupied near the water for us to walk on, so it really panned out for us. Since the water is so calm as its the bay and it's a neighborhood beach, they take advantage of it. Tents were all over the place. Huge inflatables were every where.
I wasn't going to do anything for the Fourth since I'm not a big fan of it, but L didn't want to go out an party with friends so she asked if I wanted to go down to the beach to watch the show.

So after a few errands and a nap I headed on back there to see the show. Actually the area doesn't have a show, but both neighborhoods on either side do. However the beach is usually packed with people drinking and shooting off fireworks. The place becomes a mess. So this year the police really cracked down on it and did a pretty good job. People still shot off fireworks when they weren't looking, but not much happened. Although one idiots fireworks did start a fire on someone lawn. They got it out pretty quickly, but let me tell you there were some pretty high flames there. Afterwards we grabbed a drink and relaxed before heading our separate ways.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Huge inflatables everywhere ? Referring to women with big fake boobs ?

Have you been working out lately ?
I'm noticing more definition in your abs.


Sounds like you had a very nice and relaxing weekend.


Senorita - well there were a few of those there to, but no they had these huge inflatable rafts. I mean like 10'-12' across.

Always working out. Trying to stay in shape for a guy my age.

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