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I saw a Mr. Unreliable yesterday when he came in for treatment. It was one of the rare times he called me wanting something and actually came in for treatment. I've gotten in the habit of just asking what does he want. I just want to cut through all the BS. When I first moved into the area he was very helpful, but he is unreliable and had gotten worse over the last 4-5 years. Like I've been trying to get my video camera back from him which I lent him 4 years ago. Every time I ask, I don't hear from him in a while. Anyway most of our conversation come around to him wanting to change and make himself better, however that hasn't happened yet. He knows how I am and he's hoping to get better through some form of osmosis I think.

Mr. Unreliable: As you can tell I've gotten bigger.
Me: yeah
Mr. Unreliable: It's fat. I haven't been working out in a while.
Me: (nodding head)
Mr. Unreliable: You've gotten bigger, but it's muscle on you.

Well today is like a non-day for me since I have no patients. So I've been marketing, updating my database, and keeping contact with my contacts. Since I couldn't take it anymore in the office I headed over to Barnes & Nobles to browse around. Checking out a few more of the men's magazines I found a startling realization. Since I really don't know what's out there I'm checking all the mags out. There is a larger gay section of magazines than straight. Maybe it's only me, but I find that odd. My thought is that the gays don't buy, they just grab, pay, and go. Straight guys never buy, they just stand around looking before moving on.

Oh well let me start getting ready for my weekly hike with L.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I really can't stand unrealiable people like that. That's why I don't really lend out things of value like that. Maybe that's selfish of me, but I also don't ask to borrow things of value from others.

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