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Sane Friends


You know I'm happy it's a busy day in the office. I was happier when it was a record breaker, but I had one now show patient. She was the weakest link in the schedule and she didn't show. Actually this is the second time she's pulled a no show which is weird since she's always good about this. The pattern is if she can't make it that day it ain't happening.
It's very funny. Everyone wants to know what's going on in my dating life. Even OVDC asked today about my bachelorhood. When I said nothing she was like come on there's always something. I see that I entertain many of you with my dating adventures. Anyway I told her like I told everyone else that I was taking a break. I know that dating takes my focus and my money, two things that I need right now. My business and Eric are my priorities until the end of the summer. If I can get the business a lot stronger than it covers everything else. However for the moment its borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. The other is I want Eric to come back down next month so it's being added to my budget which at the moment is in the red.

On the home front I got at least 80% of my puzzle done. I'm seriously starting to believe I'm missing a few pictures. My Landlord asked if I wanted to hang it when I was finished since he was doing the same with his. Now no offense to anyone, but nothing screams white trash to me than hanging a puzzle up on the wall.

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